Extracurricular Activities

FILM CLUB: The film club meets once a month to watch films. They also have contests and special events, such as the filmmaking contest, the flipbook animation contest, and the National Film Day celebrations through REEL Canada.  People do not have to join permanently and can show up anytime there is a screening of a film they might enjoy. To find out more about the Film Club, including film funning times, trailers, and links, check out their website.

Time: TBD

Place: Room 310

Website: WVH Film Club

Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. Bonnie Campbell (bonniecampbell@nlesd.ca

SHARING OUR CULTURES: Sharing Our Cultures is a group of students from a variety of cultural backgrounds that meet at least once per month. Their goal is to prepare for a presentation of each person's culture at the Rooms for 3 days in March 2022. 

Time: At least once per month (see Mr. Nobert for details)

Place: Room 325

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Andre Nobert (andrenobert@nlesd.ca


Time: TBD

     Place: TBD

Sponsoring Teacher: TBD 


Time: Ongoing

Place: Room #216

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Dan Ryan


Time: TBD

Place: Room #305

Sponsoring Teacher: Ms. Glenda Jackson (glendajackson@nlesd.ca), Ms. Walsh (joannewalsh@nlesd.ca), 

Ms. Golda Fudge (goldafudge@nlesd.ca


Time: Ongoing

Place: Room #214

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. John Walsh (johnwalsh@nlesd.ca


Time: Ongoing

Place: Room #214

Sponsoring Teacher:  Mr. John Walsh (johnwalsh@nlesd.ca


Time: TBD

Place: TBD

Sponsoring Teacher:  TBD

BREAKFAST CLUB: Breakfast Club runs every weekday to provide students with a healthy breakfast to start their day. Students can volunteer to help with breakfast club. 

Time: Weekday Mornings from 8:40am - 8:55 am

Place: Main Lobby Canteen 

Sponsoring Teacher: TBD

SKILLS CANADA:  Skills Canada is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of careers in technology and skilled trades.  Students can compete in a number of areas including baking, cooking, coding, photography, public speaking, video production, graphic design and many more. 

Time: Fall - Winter

Place: Room #119

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Dale Hartery (dalehartery@nlesd.ca

The DRAMA CLUB is a fun way to explore the art of theatre while learning different techniques in acting and stagecraft. We give students the opportunity to perform through acting, music, and dance. Performances tend to include; The Remembrance Day Assembly, The Holiday Showcase, The Spring Showcase, Coffee Houses, Drama Festival, as well as an end-of-year production.

Time: Whenever we have a performance, we work in rehearsal schedules.

Place: Room 101 and/or Cafeteria 

Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Jody Rideout