PASS - Positive Action for Student Success

WHAT IS PASS? PASS is an acronym representing Positive Action for Student Success. It includes strategies aimed to help students who are leaving or recently left high school that may not graduate. PASS encourages student success by providing ways to recover credits and ensure graduation through flexible timelines and settings, and by providing alternative ways to address the content and skills needed for graduation. This is achieved through a variety of methods including, but not limited to, online learning, alternate assessments, and flexible schedules.  

STUDENT SUCCESS TEACHER:  The student success teacher at WVH is Ms. Margaret Reha-Taylor. As a part of the PASS program, Ms. Talyor works with students in a variety of capacities including credit recovery, credit rescue, new course registration, Tutoring for Tuition, and academic interventions. To connect with Ms. Taylor:


Phone: (709) 745-6264

Room: 212

4TH YEAR STUDENTS: Students wishing to register at Waterford Valley High for a 4th year,  please fill out this form. 

FREE IN-PERSON TUTORING is available through Tutoring for Tuition. If you would like to avail of tutoring for one or more of your courses, fill out the learner application to access tutoring through our Tutoring for Tuition program. See Ms. Taylor ( or Mr. Nobert ( for further information.