Grade 9 Course Selection 

Here is an introductory slideshow and videos for both English and French Immersion Grade 10 students that will help guide you through the course selection process.

Welcome to WVH Grade 9s and families 2024

These course selection worksheets will help you choose your courses for grade 10.  

The portal will be available on Monday, February 26, 2024, after student presentations at both BJH and SJB.

          English                                                            French Immersion

Grade 10 ENGLISH Course Selection Worksheet 2024-2025
Grade 10 FRENCH IMMERSION Course Selection 2024-2025
WVH Grade 10 Course Selection 2024-2025 (ENGLISH)

English Slideshow

WVH Grade 10 Course Selection 2024-2025 (FRENCH Immersion)

French Immersion Slideshow

This additional resources from the Department of Education gives valuable information regarding course descriptors and the credit system and requirements for graduation.

Grade 9 Handbook Fourteenth-Edition-English-2022.pdf