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Scholarship Presentation 2023/2024

Scholarship Presentation

This is the slideshow we reviewed with students this Fall. It contains information on 4 different types of scholarships that may be of interest to students.

Additional Resources

Student Profile Sheet

Student Profile Sheet

WVH Scholarship Sites and "the biggies" 2021

The "Biggies"

Links to some of the big scholarships that are advertized each year

Scholarships - Where do I begin?

Tips on where to begin your scholarship search and applications

WVH School Awards Descriptions

Descriptions of WVH distinguished School Awards


Grade 12 Students: Please fill out the student profile sheet above and give it to Ms. Jackson or Ms. Kirkland before the end of the school year. You will then be considered for many of the school-based scholarships awarded each year. 

Student Profile Sheet can also be completed here:  STUDENT PROFILE FORM 

Plan on attending Memorial: Check out their scholarship page

Plan on attending CNA: Check out their scholarship page

Scholarship sites to check out:


Other Valuable Programs for Grade 10 and 11

MedQuest Program LINK 

Medquest is a career-oriented, summer program that introduces students in Grades 10-12 to the world of health sciences. It offers 6 consecutive one week sessions from July to August 

RISE (Research Inspired Student Enrichment) Awards LINK 

The Research Inspired Student Enrichment (RISE) Awards provide Newfoundland and Labrador high school students with the opportunity to attend research-related enrichment programs focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).